Lost and Found

Every year, WADARS receives hundreds of phone calls from members of the public who have lost or found a variety of different animals. While most of these calls relate to cats and dogs, we have received calls about rabbits, snakes, ferrets, aviary birds and even a tarantula!

If you have a lost or found dog IN THE WORTHING BOROUGH COUNCIL AREA ONLY call Worthing Borough Council on 01273 263157, Monday-Friday, 8am to 6pm or on 01903 821992 at any other time (out of office hours) for advice.

Reporting a lost or found animal

If you have lost or found an animal in the Worthing area, please telephone the WADARS office on 01903 247111. Our Animal Welfare Team will ask you a variety of questions which will then be entered onto our Lost and Found database. We will also provide you with the telephone numbers of local Vets and other organisations who may have had contact with your missing animal.

If the situation changes and your pet should return, please call the office so that our register can be amended.


WADARS stongly recommends all pet owners to have their animals microchipped.

Chipping is performed by all Vets and can be incorporated into their annual health check and vaccination. It consists of a simple injection under the skin on the neck between the shoulder blades which will leave a small chip containing a unique reference number. Your details are held on a central database by the chipping company and will include a description of the animal and any health problems that it may suffer from. Once implanted, the chip will last for the life of the animal. It is therefore very important that you inform the microchip company of your new address, if you move house.

All stray animals picked up by WADARS and other rescue services are routinely scanned to see if a chip has been implanted. If one is detected, we will be able to make immediate contact with you leading to a happy reunion. We have had cases where an animal has been missing for years and, by having this chip, we have been able to reunite animal and owner.