Will you remember the animals?

Legacy gifts make up over half of our veterinary treatment, shelter and food costs. Please help us continue our work by remembering Wadars in your Will.

By leaving a gift to Wadars in your will, you could help to ensure a better future for injured and orphaned wildlife and the re-homing of unwanted and abandoned pets for years to come.

How to leave us a gift in your Will

We always recommend talking to a solicitor to make sure everything you need is included in your Will. They can also advise you on the most tax efficient way to include gifts in your Will.

State in your Will that you would like to leave us a gift

Include our full details to ensure your gift goes to the right place: Wadars, Hangleton Lane, Ferring, Worthing, West Sussex BN12 6PP; registered charity No.1149884.

Some useful terms explained

Beneficiary - any charity, organisation or person that benefits from your Will

Bequest or Legacy - a gift made in your Will

Codicil - a separate document making an addition or amendment to an existing Will

Estate - the total sum of all your possessions, property and money after your liabilities and estate expenses have been deducted

Executor(s) - the person(s) you have chosen to be responsible for administrating your Will

Intestate - a term to describe someone dying without a Will

Pecuniary bequest - a gift of a specific sum of money in a Will

Residuary bequest - a gift of what is left over or a proportion of it after all the other specific gifts have been made from an estate

Specific bequest - a gift of a particular named item in a Will such as jewellery, paintings or property.

On behalf of the animals, we thank you

Wadars is a registered charity No.1149884 and a company limited by guarantee No.8273985, VAT No.154 7428 96