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Wadars animal rescue inundated with calls about baby gulls falling from roofs

West Sussex-based animal rescue charity Wadars has been inundated with calls this week about young gulls falling from roof-tops.
The extremely warm weather is thought to have compounded what is already an annual problem because as the chicks stretch their limbs to try and get some cool air, they are blown off of the roof by gusts of wind.
Wadars animal rescue officers have been out to dozens of gull chicks already this week and the office team are taking call after call about the problem.
Wildlife units in the area are now also under stress because of the number of chicks being taken to them.
The charity is advising people, wherever possible, if they can to either pop the chick back on the roof (the gutter line is fine and then they will walk back up), or on a flat roof such as a garage. By doing this the parent birds will be able to feed the chicks.
The other issue arises when the parent birds are overprotective and ‘dive-bomb’ good intentioned humans who go near their young on the ground.
Tracy Cadman, Wadars Operations Manager said; “We are literally run off our feet with calls about gull chicks falling off of roofs. They are about 2-3 weeks old at the moment and are starting to move about much more, which makes them vulnerable to falling. In another month they should be ready to fly and so we won’t have the issue anymore.”
Tracy continued; “If the parents are really aggressive then we wouldn’t advise anyone to attempt to move the chick. Please do call Wadars on 01903 247111 and we will either offer advice or where necessary we will send out one of the team to either get it back on the roof or if that really can’t happen, to take it to a place of safety.”

Santa Paws and Support Adoption for Pets

A big thank you to the staff and customers at Pets at Home Worthing who raised over £981 for Wadars through their Santa Paws campaign during December.

Wadars rely heavily on the support of locally based businesses to raise funds which enable us to continue to run our vital services.

We have some weekend collections at the Pets at Home Worthing store during December 2017, so if you can spare a couple of hours to help with the collections then we would love to hear from you. You can either calls us on 01903 247111 or email

Wadars animal rescue says thank you to ASDA customers for their support

Wadars animal rescue would like to say a big thank you to customers of ASDA’s Ferring supermarket after coming out on top of the store’s Green Token Scheme.
Customers are given tokens at the till that they can put in a box of their choice at the front of the store, and Wadars was one of three charities that customers could choose from between June and August. The animal charity received hundreds more tokens than the second placed organisation.
Wadars Operations Manager, Tracy Cadman said; “We are delighted to receive £500 from ASDA as a result of their token scheme, and of course extremely grateful to local people for voting us the winners. We don’t receive any government funding and rely heavily on the support of the public, and this money will help us to feed and looked after the animals in our care.”
Anyone interested in adopting an animal from Wadars or supporting the charity should call them on 01903 247111.


Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) is a universally recognised cause of sudden death in rabbits and vaccination has proved to be an effective control. Recently there has been an upsurge in cases of RHD and vaccinated rabbits have been affected. A new variant of RHD is believed to be responsible.
The new strain, known as RHD2, causes rabbits to haemorrhage in major organs. It can be carried by wild and domestic rabbits, and is often symptomless. Once infected, rabbits can die in hours. Unlike 'classic' RHD, it also appears to affect hares. It does not affect other small mammals, such as hamsters, chinchillas and guinea pigs.
Infection is easily transmitted between infected rabbits via the mouth, nose or eyes and on food bowls and bedding. RHDV is difficult to kill and can survive harsh environmental conditions. It can survive temperatures of 50°C for up to an hour and is not inactivated by freezing. The virus can survive in the environment and dead wild rabbits for months and therefore picking wild plants to feed pet rabbits could theoretically be a source of infection, but this has not been demonstrated
Unlike RHD1 infection when virtually all rabbits will die suddenly, some cases of RHD2 are slower to develop. Some rabbits, show a more protracted disease with weight loss and jaundice.
However there is no specific treatment for affected rabbits. Generalised supportive care, including fluid therapy, syringe feeding and warmth, is indicated for rabbits that survive, but bear in mind these rabbits can be infectious to others. Emergency vaccination of in contact rabbits can prevent disease if the rabbit is not already carrying infection
Over the recent few years vets in the UK have used a bivalent vaccine that protects against both myxomatosis and 'classic' RHD. The vaccine is only partially effective against RHDV2, so some vaccinated rabbits can still succumb to the disease. Vaccines against RHDV2 have been developed in France and Spain. Some vaccine has been imported but supplies are very limited in the UK at this time.
At this time vets don’t know the true incidence of the problem in the UK. Because wild rabbits infected by VHD2 tend to die in burrows and pet rabbits die at home, vets are often unaware when a case occurs. The situation is not clear and more information should come to light in the future.

A wonderful Dinner at the Honeypot Café

We would like to thank everyone who came along and supported the Charity Evening at the Honeypot Cafe on Friday 8th July 2016. It was fantastic evening, with great food and company and a generous £292.35 was raised for Wadars. A special thank you to Michael and the team for being such wonderful hosts, we really appreciate your support

Vets warn dog owners to be aware of the symptoms of lungworm

The lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) is a parasite that can cause serious health problems in dogs and can even be fatal if not diagnosed and treated.

Slugs and snails carry the lungworm larvae, and dogs can become infected when they accidentally (or purposefully) eat these common garden pests whilst rummaging through undergrowth, eating grass, drinking from puddles or outdoor water bowls, or pick them up from their toys.

Dogs of all ages and breeds can become infected, but younger dogs seem to be more prone to picking up the parasite, and dogs who are known to eat slugs and snails are also considered at high risk.

Lungworm infections can result in a number of different signs, including breathing problems, poor blood clotting, behaviour changes and general sickness. Improved detection methods including blood test and poo sampling mean more cases are now being confirmed in this area.

Preventative products are available and with regular use, prevention is easy to achieve; always speak to your vet because not all worming products are effective against this particular parasite.

Appeal for donations to help pay for an emergency operation to remove a badly injured eye from a heavily pregnant stray cat

We are appealing for donations to help cover the cost of an emergency operation to remove the badly injured eye of a stray female cat.

The heavily pregnant cat - nicknamed Bluebell by staff at Grove Lodge vets - was picked up by Wadars on Wednesday (8th February) following a call from a member of the public, and had been living rough under a camper van in Goring for about a year.

The cost of the treatment that Bluebell has had so far and the operation to remove the eye will cost the charity between £450 and £550. On veterinary advice the operation is being carried out today (9th February) in advance of Bluebell giving birth, which she is likely to do in the next week.

Wadars Operations Manager, Tracy Cadman said; “Bluebell is a friendly little girl so must have been owned at some point. She is likely to have been in quite some pain and discomfort with that eye. It appeared to be an old injury that hasn’t been treated, and obviously we have given the vet the ok to go ahead with the operation and we will pay for it, but being a small charity it is a lot of money for us to pay out.”

Tracy continued; “The same cat apparently had a litter last year but only one kitten survived. That ‘kitten’ is now feral and we have put a trap out to catch it so that it can be given a health check, neutered, and then rehomed on a local farm where it will be fed daily, but also given its freedom again.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation to help with Bluebell’s operation and on-going costs should either click on the Make a Donation page of this website, or send a cheque made payable to ‘WADARS’, to Wadars, Hangleton Lane, Ferring, BN12 6PP.

Wadars Newsletter April 2016

Wadars Newsletter April 2016

Read the all the latest news and information

Brighton Marathon

What a fantastic day we had with Team Wadars on Sunday at the Brighton Marathon….. amongst a glorious back drop of blue sky and turquoise waters our 5 Runners did us and most importantly themselves proud!
All 5 runners finished in under 6 hours and met our wonderful team of volunteers back at Legends Hotel for a post event massage and a well-deserved drink! We would like to thank our runners, Hayley, Richard, Aaron, Kerry and Sharon, all the team at Legends Hotel for their wonderful hospitality and the lovely Jo from jl surges sports therapy for donating her time and expertise to look after the runners after the event.

If anyone feels inspired we have 6 places available to join team wadars for the 2017 Brighton Marathon, for more information contact or call 01903 247111

Walk for Wadars

We would like to thank everyone who supported Walk for Wadars today. The weather was kind to us, lots of gorgeous 4 legged friends bought their humans along and we hope to have raised in the region of £1000 once all the sponsorship is collected....🐾 we are thrilled thank you all for your wonderful efforts.

Kyra Jumps for Wadars

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to our wonderful supporter KYRA INWARDS who completed a skydive on Saturday 28th May and raised a fantastic £475.00 for Wadars. KYRA WE ALL THINK YOU ARE PAWSOME! x

Local Charity of the Year

We are delighted to say that Wadars has been voted Local Charity of the Year for the Sainsbury’s stores at both Lyons Farm and Rustington. We were one of three charities being voted for by shoppers at each store and online so if you were among the many people who voted for Wadars, then a massive thank you, we are thrilled! Please do keep an eye out at the stores for fundraising opportunities, and we’ll update on progress as we go through the year.

Delight as Wadars wins the 'Animal Heroes' category in the Herald & Gazette Community Stars Awards 2016!

Staff at Wadars animal rescue are delighted to have been voted 'Animal Heroes' in the 2016 Herald & Gazette Community Stars Awards.

The Awards, which are voted for by the readers of the Herald & Gazette newspaper group, took place at Worthing College on the evening of 8th December and Wadars had been shortlisted in two categories.

Tracy Cadman, Wadars Operations Manager said; "I am incredibly proud of my team and all of the volunteers who help to make Wadars what it is. Without the support of our dedicated volunteers we just could not carry out the work that we do."

Anyone wishing to find out about supporting Wadars should call 01903 247111 or email


Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV or ‘Alabama rot’) is a serious disease which has only recently been recognised in dogs in the UK. It causes lesions on the skin and occasionally in the mouth, which can look like bites, sores, wounds or stings. Some dogs go on to develop life-threatening kidney failure.

Any age, sex, weight or breed of dog can be affected. Initially these almost all occurred in the New Forest but recently cases have been seen in West Sussex. The majority of cases occur between November and June.

The first sign
• skin is usually a skin sore not caused by any known injury.
• Usually these sores are found below the elbow or knee
• appear as a distinct swelling, a patch of red skin, or are open and ulcer-like.

Within approximately two to seven days,
• sudden kidney failure which can include vomiting, reduced hunger, increased thirst and an unusual tiredness.

Skin sores and sudden kidney failure are not unique to this disease alone, and are actually more likely to be caused by some other disease. However if you think your dog may have any of the clinical signs listed you should contact your vet immediately.

How can I prevent my dog from becoming affected?
As the cause of CRGV is still unknown, there is no known way to prevent your dog from contracting the disease. As cases are usually seen after woodland or countryside walks you may wish to bath any area of your dog that becomes muddy or wet on a walk. However at this stage it is not known if this is of any benefit. So far there have been no identified cases of a human contracting the disease from their dog.

We now have a Facebook page, where you can keep track of many of our activities, and add your comments on our rescues, animals available for rehoming, and fund-raising activities.

You can go straight to the page by clicking here.

What a George.......ous Boy!

We would like you to meet a very handsome young chap who came into our care a couple of weeks ago.
He was abandoned at local vets at the tender age of 7 weeks.
After some investigation the veterinary team diagnosed that he sadly had a broken jaw that would need treatment. He was also very underweight and needed treating for lice.

After a phone call to Wadars we agreed to fund the treatment and take care of him until he was ready for rehoming. After meeting this gorgeous boy the team here decided to name him “Jawge” but spelt “George” (do you see what we did there!)
George was very quiet and in a lot of pain and the vets worked hard to keep him comfortable whilst they wired the broken part of his jaw and gave him a cast to help him keep it still while it healed.

George is now recuperating and doing well. He has to wear a rubber muzzle to stop him opening his mouth too wide and breaking the wire he also needs to wear a buster collar (known as a lampshade to a lot of us) so he doesn’t accidentally knock his jaw. He is eating lots of soft food and is starting to put on some weight.

George is not quite ready to look for his new home yet but we will keep you updated on his progress, however, he is one of more than 50 unwanted or abandoned pets that we have in our care at any one time.

Not all of our animals need such extensive treatment as George before we can find them a forever home but they all need food, a warm kennel and basic veterinary care.
Please help us today by texting WADA01 with the amount you would like to donate to 70070.
Whatever you can afford will make a real difference to George and others like him.

Kai's Happy Ending

Some of you will remember seeing Kai. His sad story was reported in the Worthing Herald in December after he was found abandoned and tied to railings in Worthing.

Kai was severely underweight, cold and wet after being left out in torrential rain all night.

The Adur Dog Warden took Kai and another dog who was also found abandoned and gave them food and shelter. He then came into Wadars care to be rehomed.

We are very pleased to say Kai is now happy and settled in his new and forever home.

Just look at this wonderful picture of Kai and his new brothers that his new family sent to us. (Kai is looking good on the right.)

We do love a happy ending...

Wadars Pedal... THEY DID IT !

On the 14th June 2015, 2 of our amazing volunteers, Dave and Aaron Hartley, a father and son team, rode a magnificent 1341 miles to raise money for WADARS.

The Hartley family have had 2 Wadars dogs in the past, Bella, and now a puppy called Sammy. When asked why they wanted to do this for Wadars Dave said "the team do so much with so little that we wanted to find a way to help them out"
So, two days after his last GCSE Aaron and Dave left from the Wadars HQ in Hangleton lane, Ferring for Land’s End and the start of this 1341 mile Father and Son journey.

They made fantastic progress and despite the high and lows arrived back at Ferring 4 weeks later on the 14th July.... We were so proud of their achievement and thrilled that they choose to do this incredible journey for Wadars raising £2001.41.... THANK YOU Dave and Aaron

Marathon Matt

Everyone at Wadars would like to thank and congratulate Matt Shepherd for completing the Brighton Marathon for WADARS in 5 hours, 27 minutes and 26 seconds.
An amazing achievement - 26 minutes off his time from last year!

Here is a picture of Matt following his excellent Marathon run on Sunday.
As you can see he is rather pleased with himself! Again, well done from everyone at Wadars.

If you would like to support Matt and donate to us, please visit his Just Giving page by clicking here.

Barney has a new home!

Barney is now fully recovered and settled in his forever home.

We believe he originally came from a puppy farm in Wales, as he was bought via an advert in a free local paper or on a free-to-advertise site.

It's widely recognised that puppies bought from these breeders often come with very serious medical problems, as the 'farmers' save money by not having their animals checked over by a vet or even vaccinated.
Also, birth defects can be caused because the breeding bitches have far too many litters in quick succession - and at an age where reputable breeders would have retired them.

We urge anyone interested in getting a puppy to make sure you carry out proper research into your purchase. You should always insist on seeing the puppy with its mother. Don't buy puppies from people who only have a mobile phone number, or who advertise on the internet or free ad sites.
If you really feel you want a pedigree puppy, there are reputable breeders around who can be found via the Kennel Club.

Better still, why not rescue a dog from an organisation like us. You know it makes sense.

EGG-cellent Weekend for Wadars

Our wonderful Team of Volunteers raised an amazing £440.16 at Pets at Home Rustington over the 2015 Easter Weekend.

A huge thank you to them all and also to all the staff and customers who were so generous.
We also held a guess the amount of eggs in the jar competition and the winner was Sharon Gent with a guess of 291!

Well-done Sharon, all 291 eggs are on their way to you :-)

A Bright New Future

It is with tremendous excitement that we look towards a new home and renewed hope for WADARS in 2014.

Last year saw our workload increase even further. We rehomed more than 500 cats, dogs and other companion animals, and rescued and released more than 1,500 wild creatures back to their natural environment.

One of our greatest challenges year on year is meeting the ever increasing cost of caring for our animals. It is a huge mountain that we climb, needing to raise some £150,000 for kennelling and vet costs alone every single year.

Brilliant Day at Wadars Dog Show

We all had a fantastic day at our Dog Show on the 10th May 2015. This was our first event joining together with the Wonderful Team at Unleashed Dog Day Care in Worthing, who kindly allowed us to use all their facilities, provided us with lots of help and even spent the day washing and pampering over 40 dogs, with all the donations going to WADARS ..... so many wonderful Wadars supporters came along to the event and we loved seeing all the gorgeous dogs, especially all those who had been adopted over the years! We raised £1163.91 in total which was incredible and we are thrilled with this amount. Well-done to all the winners, the Judges certainly had their work cut out choosing and THANK YOU to everyone who took part and gave so generously... see you all next year.

Patricia's Book raising money for Wadars

This is a wonderful book all about cats, written by Patricia Stoner one of our amazing volunteers.... not only is it a wonderful read for any animal lover, Patrica is also donating any profits from the sale of the book to Wadars. Prehaps some early Christmas present shopping????

The book is available on amazon by clicking the link

Cat Book.

Worthing Street Collection 2014

Our fantastic team of volunteers did a wonderful job collecting £314 in worthing on Saturday. A big thank you to them and also the generous public.... We couldn't do what we do without you. Hope you like the picture of one brave volunteer.....

Northdale Veterinary Practice Christmas Bazaar

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Northdale Veterinary Practice in Worthing, who worked so hard, in their own time, to make their Christmas Bazaar in aid of WADARS so successful again. We would also like to thank all of the people who attended this event and contributed to it's success.

They raised over £1,000 for us with all their efforts.

Thank you once again. We are so grateful.

Pets at Home Support Adoption for Pets

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff and customers of Pets at Home Rustington for supporting the National Fundraising Drive back in October.

Nationally, the fundraising drive raised a record £459,345.44 and we have received a cheque for over £2,100 as our share.

Thanks again. We are very grateful.

A Fun Day Out!

The WADARS Dog Show & Country Fete held at Clapham & Patching village hall on the 25th August 2013 was a dog show with a mixture of stalls, games and fun for all the family.

But most of all, there were hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes and their owners, all coming together to support their local animal charity. It was an amazing site to see. There were tails wagging, ice creams melting, face painting, music playing and the number of dog registrations for the dog show was as heart-warming as the sunshine.

I hope everyone that attended the event had a wonderful day, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that attended this event, whether you were a volunteer, stallholder, or a member of the public along with your four legged friend.

Thank you for supporting your local animal charity.

The first x-ray shows the injury, the second is the repair and then we have the lovely Penny recovering at the vets.

Help Required for Cat shot in Lancing

We re-homed Penny last year to a home in the Lancing area. On the 1st November this year, Penny came through the cat flap at her owners' house with an injury to her leg.

When they took her to the vets an x-ray showed that she had been shot with what the vet believed to be a 2.2 bullet, and that the leg would need to be either repaired or amputated. Although amputation costs less, it should be avoided if possible as it can put a strain on the other limbs as the animal ages.

When we re-home an animal, the new owners are given a months free pet insurance and we encourage them to continue with the policy following that first free month. Unfortunately, Penny was not insured and her owners were unable to meet the cost of either a repair or amputation.

They than had to make the difficult decision to return Penny to us so that she could have the necessary treatment and then be re-homed away from the Lancing area.

Luckily, Grove Lodge Veterinary Hospital agreed to repair Penny's leg for the cost of amputation, but it is still costing WADARS hundreds of pounds.

WADARS is a registered charity that receives no government funding and we rely entirely on the generous support from the public and the community it serves. We would not be able to carry out our essential work without that support.

If anyone would like to make a donation to WADARS towards Penny's treatment, or any other animals in our care, it would be greatly appreciated. You can go to the donations section of this web-site for instructions on ways to donate. There is also a downloadable Gift Aid form to make your donation go further and a downloadable standing order form if you want to make a long term commitment to giving to your local animal charity.

Thank you on behalf of Penny and everyone here at WADARS.

Update On Brooklands Lake

We had a call from the Borough's Environmental Health department on Wednesday, who informed us that they had received the results from the second test carried out by the Environment Agency.

The second sample has tested positive for blue-green algae or cyanobacteria.

Blue-green algae is naturally present in waterways all around the world but becomes a problem when certain conditions occur. One of these conditions is occurring at Brooklands Lake and has done for some time. There is a very high level of silt, including nutrients, in the lake. In some places it is over 80cm deep which we believe is above recommended safety levels.

From our research we believe that this level of silt affects the production of algae in two ways.

Firstly, the silt could be formed from material such as soil being washed into the lake from the surrounding area, including the Downs. Some of this water may contain fertilisers which are high in phosphorus and nitrogen. These substances, particularly phosphates, encourage the growth of algae resulting in a bloom just like the one at Brooklands.

Secondly, because it reduces the depth of the water. This means that the algae is concentrated in a smaller amount of water making photosynthesis within the algae more rapid so adding to the aforementioned bloom.

The Environmental Health department told us that they are going to put up signs to warn the public of the dangers of this contaminated water and they will be working with the Environment Agency to find a solution to this problem.

We have been informed that contact with the water at Brooklands should be avoided as it could be harmful to both humans and animals. It could cause severe vomiting and diahorrea, as well as skin and eye irritations. Any person or animal experiencing these symptoms will need medical attention. Do not let your dog go into the water or drink from the lake.

We would like to stress that it is only the water that is affected and we have been told that everything else at Brooklands is as per normal.

In the last few weeks we have picked up over 50 sick or dead birds from the lake and we believe their deaths have been caused by them ingesting toxins from the blue-green algae bloom. Just last week we rescued a very unwell male swan from Brooklands. He has been receiving treatment and is responding well. But he will need to stay at Brent Lodge Bird and Wildlife Hospital until he is fully recovered, which might take some weeks.

We know that like us, many of you care passionately about Brooklands and the wildlife that lives there. Our aim is, and has always been, for Brooklands to be a safe haven for the creatures that live there and an enjoyable natural resource for the public.

We would like to offer Adur and Worthing Council and the Environment Agency full co-operation and support in any work they carry out at the lake to make that happen.

Blue-green algae on Brooklands Lake

The swans safe and cosy in their swan bags ....

... And then they swam off into the sunset

What a great effort!

WADARS volunteers Julie Gardner-Stanbridge and her daughter Kayley came up with a plan to run a Christmas stand for WADARS at the Sainsburys, Lyons Farm store and created a wide range of wrapped Christmas gift packs and festive table centres which they sold last Saturday, 17th November 2012.

Helped by family and friends Julie and Kayley raised a brilliant £516.00 on the day which will go to help WADARS rehome pets over the Christmas period. WADARS would like to thank all the members of her team who did so well and raised so much, and the staff at Sainsbury who allowed them to have the stand in the store entrance.

Jubilee Jumpers

Elaine Sinclair (Alias “The Queen”) and Chris Niall (Alias “The Duke of Edinburgh”) together with two inflatable corgis jumped off the pier at the annual Birdman Rally in Worthing on the 19th August in aid of WADARS. Their efforts not only raised funds for the organisation but also won second prize in the fancy dress competition collecting £250 in prize money. Well done to Elaine and Chris who now seem to be established as our annual “Birdman Jumpers”.

Marathon runners do us proud!

The three man team of Serdin Simm, Louise Secco and David Barden braved the 26 mile run around Brighton on Sunday and all finished within 40 minutes of each other. Their final chip times were:
Serdin Simm 3:39:07
Louise Secco 3:29:17
David Barden 4:04:48
They all said they enjoyed the run but found the last 6 miles hard.
This is a tremendous result which they should all be proud of. WADARS would like to thank them all for their efforts on our behalf. Well Done!
We already have charity places available for the 2013 Brighton Marathon so contact Tony on 0300 30 30 999 if you would like to book a place.

Channel 5 - Cowboy Traders
"Puppies" - Watch it on the web

This programme, filmed last Autumn, investigates the activities of a West Sussex puppy trader, and the issues around this type of business.

It starts with the heartbreak of two families whose puppies died very soon after they bought them, and moves on to secret filming of the purchase of a further two puppies by a Channel 5 team.

It then follows these puppies' veterinary treatment, and their transfer to WADARS, who took them in and re-homed them.

The programme is well worth a look, and can now be seen via the Channel 5 website:

Christmas Donation From Local Business

Everyone here at WADARS would like to say a huge thank you to Jeanette Fereday and her colleagues at Parker Hannifin in Wick. For the third year running the have collected and donated food, blankets and treats for the animals in our care.

Christmas is always a tricky time financially for everyone, so it really is greatly appreciated that they have chosen to support us in this way.

Thanks again.