Our Animal Rescue Officers have the most up-to-date information on the animals we have in our care, and they are best-placed to answer questions about a pet's suitability to your own home environment. They can provide guidance on whether an animal has already been reserved and may even know of other animals due into our rescue centre that are not yet being advertised!

Because we are a small local charity and carry out both pre and post adoption home checks, we are only able to rehome animals in and around the Worthing & District area.

Please note that all WADARS cats come to you neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. WADARS have also ensured your pet is treated for fleas and worms and has been given a thorough vet check. With this in mind we ask for a minimum adoption fee of £60 for our cats.

To adopt a Wadars animal call 01903 247111
Please do not email us about animal adoption as we can only process applications over the phone

Boots & Woody * * RESERVED

This cheeky pair are Boots (on the left) and Woody.

Woody was found in the eaves of someone's house having been born in there, whilst Boots was one of a number of kittens born at Wadars after their mum was brought in as a stray.

We are looking for a home for the pair of male kittens together. To find out more give Wadars a call on 01903 247111.

Tippex and Beastie

This handsome pair of lads came into Wadars for rehoming because of an illness in the family which meant that the owners didn't feel they were able to devote enough time to them.

They are very friendly, have lived with children, and are both 2 years old.

If you can offer a home to both cats together then please get in touch.


Chi is a lovely female cat who is 9 years old and came into Wadars because her owner was unwell and unable to look after her.

She hasn't been used to living with children or other animals, and was kept as an indoor cat, although there is no reason to believe that she won't be able to go outside once she is settled in a new home.

Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy is a 6 year old male cat who came into Wadars for rehoming because his owners moved away.

He probably isn't suitable to live with another cat and we don't know how he will react to dogs.

He is a lovely friendly boy and is now ready for his forever home.


Pickles is a pretty dark tortoiseshell girl who was signed over to Wadars when she was heavily pregnant.

She is friendly, but is slightly shy/worried by loud noises or sudden movements, so would probably benefit from being in a quiet, calm home.


Candy is a 5 year old female cat who was signed over to Wadars for rehoming because the young dogs in the family were making her life a bit of a misery.

She is fine with older children but doesn't like to be chased!

Ross & Monica

This gorgeous pair of cats have been nicknamed Ross and Monica.

We don't really have any details about the pair as they were dumped in a box at a local vets.

That said they are a friendly pair and we are now looking for a home for them together as they clearly love each other.


Frankie is a 4 year old black & white male cat who came into Wadars for rehoming because he wasnít happy after the family had children.

He has lived with other cats in the past, but isnít keen on loud noises or sudden movements.

Frankie is a little nervous at the moment, but is generally a friendly boy who needs to live in an adult-only home.


Cleo is a gorgeous 11 year old lady with a bit of a story to tell.
Six years ago, after giving birth to and rearing a litter of kittens, she decided to take herself off and leave home!
She appears to have been living rough ever since, and six years down the line Wadars received a call about a stray cat with an abscess on her neck. We went out to pick her up and the vets scanned her which revealed a microchip.
Sadly her original owner is no longer able to have her and now that she is fit and healthy again we are looking for a lovely new home for her to settle in to.


Alec was handed over to Wadars for rehoming after he was abandoned in a property when his owners moved away.

Obviously as we don't know his background we don't know how he will react to other animals or children, but he's a lovely boy and he is ready to go to a new home.


This gorgeous boy is Mojito. He is a 2 year old cat who came into Wadars for rehoming because he was living in a flat with no access to outside space and his owner tells us he was desperate to go out.

Mojito needs to be in a home with no other cats and someone who will keep him on a special diet as he suffers from a food intolerance. He will require medication from time to time to control this.

To find out about adopting Mojito calls us on 01903 247111.


Whilst every effort is made to keep the web-site up-to-date, not all the cats we have available are featured here.

For more information, please call:
01903 247111. Please do not email us about animal adoption as applications can only be processed over the phone.