Hamish is a 3 year old male Lionhead-cross rabbit who has come in for rehoming because he was bullying the other rabbit in the home.

He is a friendly enough chap with humans, but definitely needs to go to a home as an only rabbit.

Can you resist this fluffy fella?!

Skyler & Tyler

Skyler & Tyler are a pair of six month old male rats, who came into Wadars for rehoming because their owner was moving and unable to take them.

The pair have not been handled very much in the past, and need someone who is confident in handling rats.

To find out more about adopting Tyler & Skyler, call wadars on 01903 247111.

Nigel & Ed

Nigel and Ed are a pair of neutered male guinea pigs who came into Wadars for rehoming because their owners did not have the time to look after them anymore.

They are both 3 years of age and need to be rehomed as a pair.

Nigel is the long haired black and white, and Ed is the curly coated tricolour boy.


Nick is a 2 year old neutered male guinea pig who came into Wadars for rehoming because his owners did not have enough time to look after him and give him the attention he deserves.

Nick was being bullied by the other two male guinea pigs he lived with and so is being rehomed on his own. That said, it is quite likely that he will get on with a female pig as he just wanted to befriend the others.

Nick is a very friendly lad who is used to being handled.

Grey Magic & Ginger

Grey Magic & Ginger came into Wadars for rehoming as their owner had to move and was no longer able to keep them.

The friendly pair are sisters and are two years of age.