Marathon runners do us proud!

The three man team of Serdin Simm, Louise Secco and David Barden braved the 26 mile run around Brighton Marathon course in April 2012, and all finished within 40 minutes of each other. Their final chip times were:
Serdin Simm 3:39:07
Louise Secco 3:29:17
David Barden 4:04:48
They all said they enjoyed the run but found the last 6 miles hard.
This is a tremendous result which they should all be proud of. Wadars would like to thank them all for their efforts on our behalf. Well Done!

Sam Rescued After 3 Days Down A Hole!

A rehomed WADARS Jack Russell dog, 'Sam', survived 3 days down a hole on the Gallops in Findon before being resued in a joint effort by the West Sussex Technical Rescue Unit, WADARS, the RSPCA and Sam’s owners.

Whilst out on a walk with owners Julie Turner and her partner Russell across the gallops on Saturday 15th October 2011, Sam disappeared down the hole. Despite frantic calls by his owners Sam would not come out. WADARS was called on Monday morning and Animal Rescue Officer Vikki Golds attended with the West Sussex Technical Rescue Team. They tried everything to encourage the animal out by calling, whistling, offering food and biscuits, but all to no avail. “Sam is not a very vocal dog but we could occasionally hear him barking, however he was just too far into the hole to get too” said Vikki.

Vikki and the Technical Team thought the hole could be part of a Badger Sett and a licence would need to be obtained from Natural England to dig the hole out and rescue the dog. Following calls to the RSPCA a licence was obtained and on Tuesday morning West Sussex Technical Rescue Unit used listening equipment to locate Sam and commenced the dig.

Finally after three days Sam’s rear legs were spotted and after a few minutes of further careful digging Sam was finally freed. He was none the worse for his ordeal. “He was very dirty, cold and thirsty” said a grateful Julie. “I cannot thank everyone enough they have done a wonderful job and didn’t give up on Sam. I certainly won’t be letting him off his lead again, especially around Badger and Rabbit holes”

WADARS would like to thank all those who helped to rescue Sam.


Sensational Success for Dragon Boats!

Our major fund-raising event for 2011, the Worthing Dragon Boat Festival, took place on Sunday 31st July at Brooklands Park, close to the seafront on the Worthing/Lancing border.

The weather was fine, and day was a resounding success, with some close racing enjoyed by a large and enthusiastic crowd. Sponsorship money is still coming in, but it is clear that the Festival will have raised a significant amount for the charity.

To see a selection of photographs of the event, presented by David Sawyer, click here

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To see a video summary of the event by Vowles Media Productions, please click here

For insider video footage by Dragon Boat Events, please click here


WADARS Rescue on YouTube!

A summertime WADARS rescue of a young gull, trapped in netting in Worthing town centre, was captured on video and posted on YouTube by "reefclips". You can watch it by clicking here. June and July are peak months for the rescue of young wildlife getting into difficulties as they start to explore their world!


Michael Kingsbury of the Fitzalan Veterinary Group; Debbie
Osborne, Grants Manager the Body Shop Foundation; and
Howard Stenning, WADARS Charity Manager, look on as the
Mayor prepares to cut the ribbon.

Wildlife Unit opens!

Monday 4th April 2011 saw the official opening of the Wildlife Unit at the Fitzalan Veterinary Practice by the Mayor of Littlehampton, Councillor Mrs Joyce Bowyer. This new WADARS project has been generously funded by the Body Shop Foundation, and provides specialist recuperation facilities for a range of wildlife from small birds and hedgehogs right through to swans, badgers and even small deer.

Left: WADARS Animal Rescue Officer, Vikki Golds, meets Fitzalan Wildlife Veterinary Nurses Marie and
Becky, along with the Mayor. Right: Howard Stenning discusses the project with the Mayor and
Michael Kingsbury.

Swan rescued by WADARS had been shot!

A swan rescued by WADARS and taken to the RSPCA’s Mallydams Wood centre near Hastings was found to have three air gun pellets in his head. The swan was rescued on 2 February 2011 because he had a lump on his head.

After initial treatment in Worthing, he was taken to Mallydams two days later, and the lump was found to be an abscess which had been there for three or four weeks. The pellets had caused an infection.

The pellets were removed by the veterinary surgeon at Mallydams and the swan eventually made a good recovery.

“Not only is it very cruel to shoot a swan with an air rifle, it is also a criminal offence,“ said Richard Thompson, Wildlife Officer at Mallydams. “Air rifles are often used to shoot at birds and they cause untold suffering.

“We are hoping that witnesses will come forward to help us catch the person who did this, so we can stop them inflicting such cruelty in the future.”

WADARS are also worried about fishing hook injuries to swans.

Billy Elliott Animal Rescue Officer for WADARS said “We have seen an increase in fishing hook injuries to swans in the Littlehampton area and we are asking anyone who is fishing to be vigilant and not to fish in areas near swans.

“Swans can swallow fishing lines and hooks and it can be fatal. A swan was brought in yesterday with a fishing hook and line in its beak, but it was found when X-rayed to have an old fishing hook embedded in its oesophagus. The vet could not save it and it had to be put to sleep.

“We are also asking people fishing for crabs not to use hooks – crabs take bait with their pincers, so you don’t need a hook.”

Happy Ending!

Having recovered from the operation, the Swan was taken back to the banks of the river Arun near the Look and See Centre on Thursday 17th February, and released by WADARS Animal Collection Officer David Gambriel back into the river near where it was found. Watched by members of the public the Swan took to the water and paddled out to join his friends, none the worst for its ordeal.

David said, “It is always a wonderful moment when you release a bird back into the environment knowing that you helped in its recovery."


WADARS gulls become international travellers!

WADARS rescues a substantial number of gulls in the course of the year, many of them orphanned youngsters. When they are ready to return to the wild, these birds are ringed before they are released. In mid-February 2011 we received the latest list of those that have been subsequently spotted, and identified by their ring number.

Some have been seen locally, in places such as Brighton, Pagham Harbour and Hayling Island, and some have ventured to the isolated beach at Dungeness in Kent, but at least one Herring Gull has taken to city life, having been spotted several times on the River Thames at Fulham between May and December 2010. Others have got as far as Pitsea in Essex and Orfordness in Suffolk.

A few have even crossed the Channel, and 3 of 'our' Herring Gulls have been spotted in the Pas-de-Calais region of northern France, along with another one near Dunkirk. This is perhaps not surprising, as northern France is rather closer than Suffolk.

What is quite remarkable, however, is that one of our Lesser Black-backed Gulls has travelled over 1,000 miles to its present home! Released in Sussex in August 2009, it was spotted in December of that year at Portimao on the Algarve in Portugal. By October 2010 it had moved on to Quarteira, also on the Algarve. It then crossed the border, and was spotted in December 2010 at Odiel, in the province of Huelva, Spain. Quite a trip!


Billy with Freeway the day he was rescued.

Freeway the Tortoise

Back in September 2009, a tortoise was spotted on the M25 by a motorist who crossed the lanes to rescue him. The creature was handed in at Grove Lodge vets, and then passed into the care of WADARS. Renamed "Freeway", he became something of a celebrity as the story reached international news, and our Animal Rescue Officer, Billy Elliott, found himself on the GMTV's This Morning sofa recounting his adventure.

Worthing International Birdman Rally

Is it a bird...?

Is it a plane...?

No it's the WADARS WITCH.

The Wadars witch, cat and broom stick will be taking to the Worthing sky this Sunday the 11th August at 14.47 in the afternoon.

Please come along to the Worthing International Birdman Rally and give Elaine Sinclair & Chris Niall, your support as the fly their broom stick off the end of the pier for Wadars.

Pets At Home Rehoming Event 10th & 11th August

Come on down to pets at home Rustington this weekend to our rehoming event, we will have a selection of animals that are all looking for their forever homes.

Could you find your constant companion this weekend?

Give one of our animals the loving & caring home they so deserve.

My team and I will be in store from 9.00am on Saturday and 10.00am on Sunday to answer any of your questions in regards to rehoming, adoption, rescue and how you could help support your local animal charity in the future.
I look forward to seeing you at this event.

Street Collection Draws Strong Support!

Our annual Street Collection took place took place on Saturday 25th May, which made it a much warmer occasion than the October date that it has occupied in recent years. The public warmed to the event as well, and put a magnificent total of £915.90 into the collecting pots of our stalwart team of volunteers in the course of the day. This was well up on the £840 collected last year. Our grateful thanks go to everyone who contributed, and also to those who helped out on the day.

Wonderful Wag-A-Thon!

Our Wag-A-Thon on 19th May proved to be the best supported for some time, with 40 entries representing individuals, couples and families, with varying numbers of dogs, meeting at Highdown and walking along the Downs to Angmering village, and the Spotted Cow.

This excellent turn-out resulted in £371.01 being raised for WADARS on the day, with more promised by way of sponsorship over the next few weeks.

We are very grateful to everyone who turned out in indifferent weather to take part, and to Abigail Corcoran of Grove Lodge Veterinary Group for her enthusiastic involvement.

Our next Wagathon will take place as usual in the Autumn: watch this space for further details.

New Homes Found Through Northdale Vets

Our first Re-Homing Day, hosted by Northdale Vets at their Victoria Road surgery on 19th May, exceeded all our expectations! Jan Pannell and the rest of the Northdale team pulled out all the stops to make all of their accomodation available to us, as well as organising a raffle, and laying on tea and delicious home-made cakes.

Our Animal Rescue Officer, Lee Gander, worked with his colleague, Billy Elliott, and WADARS fosterers, Eve and Kiri, to bring along a selection of the cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, while Charlotte Wells, our Volunteer Co-Ordinator & Fund-raising Assistant, organised displays showing other animals we have available, along with information regarding the charity's other work.

Everyone's efforts were rewarded by an excellent crowd of visitors, the first of whom were waiting at the door for the event to open. The flow continued throughout the afternoon, with many people reserving animals that they had seen or heard about, and the whole afternoon was a great success! The icing on the cake was a donation from Northdale comprising £50.50 from the raffle, and £75.00 from the refreshments. Our sincere thanks to all concerned in this new venture.

Words for Wadars

WORDS FOR WADARS was an exciting poetry competition sponsored by The Local Pet Shop in Rustington.
We asked for all poets to Pick up a pen and write a poem about an animal.
It could be a pet cat, dog, rabbit or ferret…
It could even be an animal in the wild…

A perfect chance for people to see their work in print and to help Wadars carry on the wonderful work they do in rescuing wildlife and re-homing pets in need. Words for Wadars was open for submissions in two categories: adults (over 12s) and younger poets (aged 12 and under). The poems had to be about any animal that shares your life, or a wild creature that you want to celebrate.

All the selected poems were then printed in an anthology available world-wide through Amazon and all profits from the competition and sale of the anthology will go towards supporting the animals in Wadars’ care.

Winners Poems - Adult Category

1st Place City Fox by Edward Yapp

2nd Place Pets by Philippa Bower

Joint 2nd Avian Prayer by Nicola Wood

Winners Poems - Under 12 Category

1st Place - Animal Alliteration by Sophie Collins age 9

2nd Place - Bella by Louie Burke age 7

To me you are something else

Joint 2nd Place - To me you are something else by Lauren Wong age 12