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Key information about Wadars animal rescue

• Wadars animal rescue was established in 1969 and is a registered charity

• Our objectives are the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wildlife & the rescue and rehoming of companion animals

• In our first year we rehomed 35 dogs, 100 cats, 25 rabbits and guinea pigs 100 wild animals – a total of 260 animals

• In 2015 we rehomed 155 dogs, 148 cats, 62 small animals, and rescued 1,492 wildlife casualties – a total of 1857 animals

• It costs more than £1,000 a day to keep our services going

• Our kennelling & veterinary fees alone are around £150,000 a year

• Dogs – average stay costs approx £460 per dog - includes average 30 days kennelling, neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, worming, flea treatment, vet check

• Cats – average stay costs approx £335 per cat - includes average 30 days in the cattery, neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, worming, flea treatment, vet check

• More than 90p in every pound is spent directly on animal welfare

• Wadars is a registered charity and only exists because of public donations

Wadars says ‘Thank You’ to its dedicated band of volunteers and appeals for people to help deliver its Community Ambassadors Programme

The Worthing-based Wadars animal rescue charity is taking time during Volunteers Week (first week of June) to say a big thank you to its loyal band of volunteers who do everything from answering the phones in its busy offices, to fundraising and fostering homeless animals.
The charity currently has around 70 people who volunteer including Chris Smee from Broadwater who began volunteering for Wadars in 2014 and now helps out at the charity five days a week. Chris, who was nominated for Volunteer of the Year in the Petplan Awards earlier this year, commented; “I have always had a passion for animal welfare and I really feel that I can make a difference through my volunteering at Wadars. Whether I’m transporting injured wildlife or keeping the feed-stores clean and tidy at the charity’s offices in Ferring, I love what I do and would definitely recommend to others to volunteer their time.”
Wadars is currently appealing for volunteers to get involved with its Community Ambassador Programme, which trains volunteers to go out and deliver talks about the charity’s work to local community groups, ranging from children to retired adults.
Fundraising and Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Brady said; “We are so grateful to all of our amazing volunteers. Between them they enable us to keep the charity going from strength to strength and we certainly couldn’t do it without them.”
Volunteers Week was established in 1984 and is an annual celebration of volunteers and recognises the contribution volunteers make to our communities every day.
To find out more about volunteering opportunities at Wadars animal rescue, visit or call 01903 247111.

Oyez, Oyez, Wadars animal rescue calls on local people to Walk for Wadars

Worthing-based Wadars animal rescue is calling on people in the town to sign up for its Walk for Wadars sponsored walk on Sunday 15th May and raise funds for the charity’s work.

Walk for Wadars is a 5 mile walk which starts at Goring Gap Green and goes to Worthing Pier and back.

Every year Wadars rescues and rehabilitates more than 1500 birds and wild animals, and rehomes around 500 companion animals.
Animal rescue officer Billy Elliot said; “Walk for Wadars is a great way to support our work with wildlife and companion animals, whilst enjoying the great outdoors. The route along the prom is flat and suitable for young and old alike, and we’ve been informed that it will also be low tide during the morning of the walk so part of it can be done along the shoreline as long as people don’t mind getting sand in their shoes!”

The charity hopes that people will bring their dogs on the walk with them (although it isn’t compulsory!) and the first 30 dogs on the day will receive a doggie goodie bag. All participants will receive a certificate and rosette.

Walk for Wadars will begin at 10am, and all participants are asked to raise as much sponsorship as possible for the charity. Prizes will be handed out to both the child and adult raising the most in sponsorship.

To download a sponsorship form visit or call 01903 247111.

It’s raining….swans!

A car owner in Lancing had an early morning surprize last week when a swan crashed onto her car having flown into a lamppost! The car was parked in Lancing Broadway when the Mute Swan apparently dropped out of the sky and onto the vehicle.
Listed among the largest flying birds, the young adult was then picked up by Wadars animal rescue and taken to a local veterinary surgeon.
Following a thorough examination the bird was declared to just be suffering from bruising and shock, and was transferred to a wildlife unit in Chichester where it will stay until it is fully recovered, before being released.
Wadars animal rescue officer, Billy Elliot said; “When the call came into our office we assumed that the lady was mistaken and that the bird was probably a large seagull of some description. When I arrived it clearly was a young adult swan and it had most likely taken off from Widewater Lagoon and having negotiated its way over the first row of houses, began to run out of energy and was unable to avoid the lamppost.”
Billy continued; “At Wadars we are used to being called out to all sorts of wildlife emergencies, but I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve been called to a swan dropping onto a car!”

For enquiries or to report a wildlife emergency contact Wadars on 01903 247111.

Plea from animal charity for owners to ensure that they carry out basic regular pet care including regular flea treatment

Wadars animal rescue charity in Worthing is appealing to pet owners to ensure that they regularly treat their animals for fleas after taking on a Westie with a severe skin condition brought about by an untreated flea allergy.
Jock, aged 10 had suffered with itchy, infected skin for over two years. His claws had curled around into his legs and pads, partly due to lack of attention and his owner being too embarrassed to walk him because of his skin condition.
Wadars Operations Manager, Tracy Cadman said; “We know that Jock’s owners didn’t intend to be cruel to him, but by neglecting to treat his skin condition and by failing to clip his claws they have caused him suffering. Regular flea treatment and nail clipping should be among the basic tasks that pet owners carry out for their animals and if they have concerns then they should speak to their vet before things deteriorate.”
Jock had fallen into this condition due to a family break up and financial concerns. Westies are renowned for skin irritations that can become costly. Although his owner had tried pet shop remedies, he had not been to a vet for fear of cost.
Tracy added; “After just four days in our care and some simple treatment at the vets, Jock’s skin condition has dramatically improved and we have him in a foster home where he is wagging his tail and enjoying life again.”
Jock will be up for rehoming after his skin condition has cleared up. Anyone interested in finding out more about adopting Jock or any of the other animals looking for homes should contact Wadars on 01903 247111 or visit

Wadars animal charity rescues five Cavalier King Charles Spaniel bitches from Welsh puppy farm due to a grant from Body Shop Foundation

Worthing-based Wadars animal rescue has been able to take in five adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from a Welsh puppy farm thanks to a £5,000 grant from the Body Shop Foundation. The animals are all ex-breeding bitches who for various reasons were no longer of any use to the breeders.

Tracy Cadman, Wadars Operation Manager said; “All too often these breeding bitches are the forgotten victims of the puppy trade. At one time the puppy farm had 120 breeding dogs, but because of their increasing age the owners have now decided to start winding down their operation which means that the adult dogs that they can’t sell are no longer needed.”

Tracy continued; “We are extremely grateful to the Body Shop Foundation for their grant as it means that we’ve been able to take in these dogs and provide proper care and treatment for them. All five of them have chronic ear problems, four of them require extensive dental treatment, and one little girl has an ulcerated eye. Another was in the early stages of Pyometra which is a potentially fatal infection of the uterus, and had to spend two days at the vets receiving intravenous medication.”

Over the last two years Wadars has rescued a total of 26 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - 21 bitches and 5 dogs - ranging in age from 18 months to 10 years. All of the animals have required extensive and costly veterinary treatment including for problems with their eyes, ears, teeth, and skin, costing well in excess of £500 per dog. In addition to any emergency veterinary treatment that is required,
Wadars also pays for the animals to be neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as well as treating them for worms and fleas before they are eventually placed in new homes.

Tracy added; “We will eventually be looking for loving homes for all of the animals, but our first task is to sort out their numerous ailments and get them back to full strength.”

Anyone interested in adopting one of the dogs should contact Wadars on 01903 247111.

East Preston man to swim the Channel for Wadars animal rescue charity

Mike Latham from East Preston is taking on the challenge of swimming across the English Channel in order to raise funds for Wadars animal rescue in Worthing. Mike will set off from the Dover area and is hoping to tackle the swim in early August, subject to tides and weather conditions.
Mike aged 48 who works for the NHS in its mental health service, said; “I decided to do the challenge in aid of Wadars because I keep a range of animals myself and am passionate about them and their welfare and about any animals in distress and needing help.”
Mike continued; “The average time for a cross-channel swim is about 15 hours, but there are so many variables, including the weather, tides, how busy the shipping lane is, how I feel on the day, whether I get injured. I will just be happy to get across no matter what my time. I’m actually quite wary of deep water and the critters than live in it – the film Jaws certainly has a lot to answer for, although I don’t think there are no man-eaters in the Channel!”
Mike took up long distance swimming in 2012 when he entered the Arun Ironman Swim. Since then he has taken part several events including in a team relay across the Channel and the Zurich Marathon which involves swimming the length of Lake Zurich (26.5k).
Mike is hoping to raise several thousand pounds for Wadars animal rescue and the money will help to fund the charity’s work in rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, and rehoming companion animals. Last year Wadars rehomed almost 400 animals and rescued just under 1,500 wild creatures. Anyone wishing to make a donation towards Mike’s Channel Challenge can do so via his Virgin Money Giving page at

Owners are playing Russian roulette with their pet’s lives by not getting them spayed, says Worthing-based animal charity

Owners are unwittingly risking their pet’s lives by not having them spayed, according to the Worthing-based Wadars animal rescue charity.
The charity has recently taken in a 9 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Rosie) who almost died last year as a result of developing Pyometra, a potentially fatal infection which only unspayed bitches are susceptible to, in which the uterus becomes infected and fills with pus.
After developing the condition, Rosie had to undergo an emergency spay operation and now needs to undergo another procedure to remove mammary tumours which are another risk for unspayed bitches.
Wadars Operations Manager, Tracy Cadman said; “Rosie is a really lovely dog and has come into us because her elderly owner died. It’s such a shame that she wasn’t spayed when she was much younger as she has really been through the wars with the severe infection she developed, and now has to have another operation to remove these tumours. If she had been spayed when she was young, preferably before her second season, then the likelihood is that she wouldn’t have developed either condition.”
Tracy continued; “You would never know that she’s nine years old. She’s a very friendly animal and has lived with both children and other dogs. Rosie will make a great pet for someone and we will be looking for a home for her once she has recuperated from her operation.”
If you would like to find out more about Rosie or other animals looking for homes at Wadars animal rescue, call 01903 247111 or visit

Wadars animal rescue appeals for donations to cover the cost of operation on dog with fractured leg and stresses the need for owners to get their pets insured

Wadars animal rescue in Worthing is appealing for donations to help cover the cost of an operation on a dog that has been signed over to them because its owners could not afford to have its fractured leg operated on.

The 10 month old Chinese Crested bitch named Enid, suffered the fractured leg whilst playing at a dog minders, and needed an operation to fix it which vets have agreed to do for a greatly reduced cost of £1,500.

Wadars Operations Manager Tracy Cadman said; “This is a perfect example of why it is so important for owners to insure their pets. Veterinary fees can very easily run to many hundreds of pounds and when owners can’t afford to pay them the animal then either has to be taken in by a charity such as Wadars, or put to sleep.

Tracy continued; “Enid is a lovely little dog and will make a great pet, but in addition to the initial cost of the operation we will have to fund her care until we can find a home for her as we also neuter, microchip, de-flea and worm our animals before rehoming them which all adds up.”

Tracy added; “Another local animal charity has offered to pay £300 of the bill which is great news, but obviously the balance is still an awful a lot of money for us as a small charity to find, so we are appealing for people to help us cover the costs for Enid’s operation and ongoing care, and that of other animals like her.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation to help with Enid’s operation and ongoing costs should either visit and click on the fundraising page, or send a cheque made payable to ‘Wadars’, to Wadars, Hangleton Lane, Ferring, BN12 6PP.